EO Accelerator

EO Accelerator program

The EO Accelerator program is for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business to pass the $1M mark and join EO through direct learning, access to mentors, leaders, peers and experts and the opportunity to take control of their business

How EO Accelerator helps


It’s well known that most entrepreneur need help when it comes to accountability. EO Long Islands accelerator program offers accountability groups led and coached by our seasoned entrepreneur to help its members reach and exceed that million dollar mark.

Full Day Learn Events

EO Accelerator offers four full strategy learning days covering the key topics need to catapult you business to new heights. Learning days are led by a trained facilitator who is a seasoned entrepreneur.


Growing a business is hard. Entrepreneurs at all stages face challenges and successes that can be hard to face alone. Often family and friends can’t relate with these challenges. EO Accelerator offers a safe, confidential, and supportive community where entrepreneurs go to learn from each other and thrive.

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Build connection with Long Islands most qualified group of decision makers. EO Long Island partners get to promote their brand, be recognized, and build connections through participation in EO events.